Re-Entry. Tdot.

26 March 2016 –  5:30 am, Toronto

It would have been to easy to step off the bus and walk over to Denny’s for a Grand Slam breakfast.  I made that visit several times in the Autumn, upon my late evening returns to Toronto.  Walk over to the restaurant and take a swivel stool at the long breakfast bar.  I recall lying to C. about my arrival time, telling her the bus was late, to justify the lateness of my arrival home.

I soooo love the food.  All variation of eggs, hash browns, breakfast meat, chicken steak with gravy, etc . . .  I also appreciated the time to myself.  Gathering my thoughts, preparing to re-enter the world of husband and father.  I recall watching the end of one of the Blue Jays’ playoff games from that stool in Denny’s.

And, of course, there was a woman.  A young, lovely hard working Latina.  Barely looked up the first time I came in, but remembered my chocolate milkshake on a subsequent visit.  She reminded me of the woman who did my pedicure at the Men’s Power Spa – M.  Both young, and beautiful.  Sassy and Spanish.  I remember wishing that I could speak Spanish when in their company.  I have some understanding, but my spoken skills are muy mal.  Maybe some effort in their native language might have tipped their interest from me as a customer, to me as a man.

My first black ink day in the journal.  Borrowing a pen from dear son G’s desk, as both he and I were reluctant to go downstairs for a blue pen.  He is furiously pretend-typing on his pretend-laptop.  I am lying in the lower bunk, under his Fire Engine Red duvet, half writing and half sleeping.  It’s been a relaxing day and a half since I arrived.  “Sleepies” before anything else, on Friday morning after my early morning arrival.


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